Platform design and development concept

Safety and convenience are our "attitudes" and also a kind of "intelligence"

Conception and system of platform

The platform is a two-degree-of-freedom electromechanical system that uses the wearable device as a medium for wireless guidance control. Two-degree-of-freedom is a mechanical term that indicates that the system can perform two dimensions of motion, usually driven by two motors. The load on the system depends on the load of the motor and the construction of mechanical.Wearable devices (such as smart glasses and mobile phones) have wireless communication devices such as WIFI and Bluetooth, which can be used as a medium for signal transmission. Wireless control distance is one of the key technologies to evaluate whether the system is good or not, which can be perfectly controlled as long as the WIFI is reachable.

Smart glasses

Smart glasses are waerable devices with high-level computing capabilities,such as a smaller version of the smart 3C product.

Remote control platform

The light-load type automated platform can carry about 2 kg, and its design is mainly to improve the inconvenience of shooting.This is of great help to the average family, professional news media and field shooters.

Unlimited remote fire protection system

The wireless remote control fire protection system is a fire-fighting robot developed by Zee-Mall for professional fire protection.Its main purpose is to reduce the accident risk of firefighters. The smart glasses wirelessly control the viewing angle of the platform, and the camera wirelessly transmits the first viewing angle image to the smart glasses projection. The hardware is designed to be explosion-proof, waterproof and hight-temperature resistant, and is suitable for use in explosive environments such as petrochemicals and gas.

Automated tracking system

In addition to the electromechanical system with an automated platform, the automated tracking system, coupled with sensing and tracking, has evolved into an intelligent system with automatic tracking.

Platform application examples

  • Remote control platform:field photography, military, photojournalism
  • Automated photography system

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