The operational concept of smart glasses information transmission

Use the characteristics of smart glasses information transmission to librate your hands

Remote assistance operation:remote guidance maintenance

Exploiting the characteristics of network's far-reaching to connect front-end and back-end.Through the smart glasses,the first perspective of the front-end is transmitted to the back-end,and the back-end can monitor and guide frome the remote to improve work efficiency.

Education and training

Exploiting the video recording function of smart glasses to make detailed records of products,processes,and images.


The guide function is a very special feature of smart glasses,which can be applied in a wide range,such as museum,warehousing,paintings,and tourist attractions.

Smart glasses information transmission applications and service example

  • Special security system:Desing and develop special security robots and intelligent anti-terrorism system for national defense security unit. The smart glasses receive important information through the base station or the cloud.The sounds and images of the scene(disaster,anti-terrorism) can be directly transmitted to the decision maker through the glasses to make important decisions.
  • First perspective video delivery and archiving:Maintenance,such as precision machinery and valuable items(relics maintenance).Difficult work,such as extremely complicated processes and not easy to record with words.

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